14th July 2010

Private Event Insurance - The Different Types

Private event insurance comes in many forms and each company that offers it offers different packages.

Private event insurance comes in many forms and each company that offers

it offers different packages.  In some cases companies offer this

insurance only to select people or companies while other companies offer

it to anyone who wants it for any event.  This type of insurance can

help to protect you and your event attendees in case of many different

things.  This insurance and be bundled with other types of coverage to

protect you in the event that you have to cancel the event, or protect

your guests if they are injured.  Rather than you needing to pay for

their medical bills and therapy the insurance company can do it for

you.  This kind of coverage can really save your life and your house and

your vehicle etc in the event of you being sued in court.


event insurance can be customized for you based on your specific needs

and based on the type of event you are throwing.  You would need

different types and amounts of insurance coverage based on the types and

amounts of people that will be attending your event and how long the

event will run for.  If you were running a corporate retirement party

you would need a lot of insurance while if you were throwing a big

surprise sweet sixteen party for your child you would need slightly less

insurance.  Your insurance broker will be able to help you find the

best policy for your needs and your budget.

Private event

insurance can cover things like property damage caused by or during your

private event.  The fewer people at your event the cheaper the policy

will likely be but the amount of coverage you receive will also affect

the pricing so be sure to talk to your broker or insurance company about

what is available for you and your event.  Purchasing an event

insurance policy will help you to keep yourself and your finances safe

from the possibility of being sued by any of your attendees or by the

owner of the property you are using to throw the event.  If there is

damage to the property or injury to any of the attendees your insurance

policy steps up to pay for any damages or medical bills.


event insurance policies can be expensive depending on the event in

question but the cost of the policy is small in comparison to the amount

of money it can save you if you were sued. Thousands of people all over

the world are sued each year by friends, loved ones, and other people

who had accidents during events.  Millions are spent each and every year

in settlements and for paying medical bills of people who sued in

court.  If you don't want to pay that money out of your pocket you

should be sure to get your event insurance before your next party. 

Simply buying a small insurance policy like these ones can help you keep

your hard earned money in your wallet where it belongs and help you

keep your cool and your peace of mind.