30th November 2006

TSNN reader and supplier survey

TSNN UK News has recently conducted research among its 14,000 readers to find out exactly who they are and how they use their monthly copy of the newsletter.

“The feedback we’ve been given in informal conversations with customers and readers has told us that they both value the service we provide,” says marketing manager, Ash Ali. “Inevitably this is anecdotal so we thought it would be wise to put together a survey that told us exactly what benefits these communities are deriving from the product.”
The survey revealed some fascinating and important facts about the kind of people who read the newsletter and the sort of feedback our advertisers receive.
Ali is particularly pleased that TSNN UK News is getting through to key decision makers with an impressive 28 per cent of readers being at CEO, MD, president and director level.
Not only do these readers have influence in their own companies they also represent significant buying clout with 26 per cent spending between £30k-70k a year on their advertising and marketing.
As can be seen from the tables, a good proportion of this is spent on an exhibition presence, which makes the TSNN UK News service an important place for them to get information about suppliers who can help them.
This is confirmed by the returns from our supplier survey which show a steady growth in the amount of business they derive from online advertising.
“We were delighted by the findings of the survey and are encouraged that more and more industry organisations are using the internet, and in particular our online service, to source material and suppliers,” says Ash Ali. “Although magazines and other forms of marketing are still reasonably popular, our experience is that this will alter quite quickly as more people see the convenience, in terms of cost and speed, that the internet provides.”
TSNN is certainly not simply looking at the figures and sitting back to congratulate itself on a job well done.
“Indeed not,” concludes Ali. “We now have a clear picture of what our community is both wanting and expecting from the newsletter, it’s now our mission to make sure we deliver all this quickly in order to make sure that everyone sees the benefits as soon as possible.”
TSNN will publish the full survey findings in the December issue.

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