03rd June 2010

Wedding Insurance – A Wedding Protector Plan

This is the most special day in your life – it’s your wedding day, and it should be perfect – INSURE IT!!! Why would you need Wedding Insurance?

This is the most special day in your life –

it’s your wedding day, and it should be perfect – INSURE IT!!!


would you need Wedding Insurance?

Consider the amount of work your have put

in to make your wedding day memorable, eventful and one of the greatest days in

your life. Have you given any thought on any mishaps taking place on this day –

damage to clothes of the bridal retinue, due to unavoidable circumstances the

caterer will not be able to provide the service, or adverse weather conditions

disrupt your outdoor wedding plans. All these events and many other unforeseen

events can be protected with an insurance of this type.

Recent research shows that a wedding

celebration of the present day costs as much as a new car. Therefore adding the

cost of Wedding Insurance to your budget will not make that a difference but

bring in great relief and consolation.  


areas does the insurance cover?

  • Most importantly, there should be cover for cancellation of

    wedding plans. In the event of some unavoidable reason, such as an injury

    to the bride or groom, the policy should be able to pay out. This is a

    very useful area of cover which the policy should include.

  • Loss or damage to wedding attire, such as the wedding dress, tuxedo,

    wedding presents, wedding cake, rings, flowers and the guest’s wedding

    souvenirs. In most policies there is a cover period for this clause.

  • Another vital cover which your Wedding Insurance policy should

    include is the failure of suppliers. There will be a number of services

    that you would have booked from a range of providers. The policy should be

    able to cover any failure that might occur from any of these suppliers.

  • The policy should also cover your personal liability for injury

    to third parties or loss or damage to third party property – actions of

    all wedding guests and the couple.

  • A missing officiate – if your minister, justice of the peace or

    other celebrant should not show-up, you should be able to recoup some of

    your costs.

Given above are some of the main covers

that this insurance policy carries. Details can differ if you plan to have your

reception on a different date from the ceremony or even if you are planning to

get married overseas.

Wedding Insurance can protect you against a

number of unfortunate events. The value of taking insurance will strongly

depend on the cost of your wedding and the chances if things going wrong at the


These insurance packages are generally

tailor-made to suite the type of function you have organised. Most dealers are

flexible with the type of covers each policy contains.

Your wedding should be one of the greatest

days in your life. You need to enjoy every moment of this memorable day.

Relieve yourself from the worry about extreme weather conditions, no-show

vendors, alcohol-related incidents or any similar situations by obtaining a

well-tailored Wedding Insurance. It is the most easiest and affordable way to

protect your wedding day.

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